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  Princesa Sin tirantes Hasta los plisados ​​sin mangas de la rodilla-longitud vestido de raso

Market Price: € 523.08

Precio especial: € 106.00

Package Weight :  1500.0000
Season :  Primavera, Verano, Otoño, Invierno
Fabric :  Satén
Neckline :  Sin tirantes
Silhouette :  Corte A/Princesa
Sleeve :  Sin Mangas
Embellishment :  Pliegues
Waist :  Naturales
Hemline/Train :  Hasta La Rodilla
Average rating: 4.8
  • By Chick
  • 2014-05-05

I am interested in this dress in the daffodil

When I got the dress it was just perfect, the size was right and the quality excellent. I am so happy I found this dress, it really made my big day feel special. And everyone wondered where I got it from. Thank you so much!

  • By Groves
  • 2014-05-05

s their anyway to make this short dress into a long dress

I buy the dress for my mum when get it, she love it very much which fit her very well. I want to thanks for your kindly suggestions when I buy the dress. The style of is fashionable this year and the price is so cheap. I will be your consumer next time.

  • By Bonhomme
  • 2014-04-28

felt fantastic in it

Exactly as described! Am very thrilled with purchase. I would definately order off this site again, just perfect! very quick with delivery too. Thanks! !

  • By Jadwiga
  • 2014-04-27

The dress is beautifully made

I love this dress! It's beautiful and of high quality and it arrived well within time.

  • By Hackler
  • 2014-04-23

Satisfied with the dress!

I commend you for working so flawless. A hug and thank you very much again.

  • By Malbon
  • 2014-04-18


Loved Loved this dress, better than ihoped and everyone loved it, i recommend everyone to trust this website and get this beautiful dress!

  • By Mari
  • 2014-04-17

beautiful dress, fits perfect!

Many many thanks to you! ! ! It is you who make me beautiful and charming! The only thing to beware of is the additional customs charges that do not seem to be flagged massively on the website.

  • By Margare
  • 2014-04-17

Beautiful dress and very well made

I purchased this dress for a New Year's Eve dinner and dance and it was EVERYTHING I had hoped it would be. Well priced and just a really fun beautiful dress. Fit perfect and made well.

  • By Lauren Smith
  • 2014-04-16

We were so happy with our dresses from your site

it's thick, and feel hot when wearing it... i have received this dress, but not satisfied with it... it's thick, and I feel hot when wearing it...

  • By Grover
  • 2014-04-11

right size

I buy the dress for my mum when get it, she love it very much which fit her very well. I want to thanks for your kindly suggestions when I buy the dress.

  • By Gwendolyn
  • 2014-04-11

Satisfied with all the service

I choose this dress for my upcoming prom. I don't usually buy things online but I give it a try since its really beautiful dress and in a not so expensive price.

  • By Jonathan
  • 2014-04-10

The dresses are made beautifully

I received my dress a little less than a month after ordering it, it is beautiful and can not wait to wear it. This dress was all that I hoped for. It is true to size. A custom fit to perfection. The material was of the highest quality. I will notice my friends your website. Thank you so much.

  • By Margare
  • 2014-04-10

beautiful dress and good quality

I absolutely fell in love with this one and once I tried it on, I knew I made a perfect choice!

  • By Gurule
  • 2014-04-05

Satifying store and dress!!!

I can hardly wait to tell that it is a beautiful dress. I really fall in love with it. You know, The dress is beyond my expectation.

  • By Bissett
  • 2014-04-04

Fancy that

I am totally in love with this dress and I think I ll order it in other colours, too. It fits perfectly, the quality is great found the perfect dress! Thank you!

  • By Marguerita
  • 2014-03-31

Beautiful dress, fantastic fit!

I cannot begin to tell you how many wonderful compliments I received! ! ! The 1st one coming from my Husband as I walked down the stairs..... I felt like a princess

  • By Nadene
  • 2014-03-30

Fit better then expected, I love the colour, I ordered

Fit better then expected, I love the colour, I ordered ink blue and it looks great.

  • By Mari
  • 2014-03-25

Beautiful dress, great quality.

Marvelous! This is definitely the dress I had expected! It is simple and you can add decorations by yourself. Most of my friends said I was charming, I have noticed them your website. I hope you can pay more attention to my friends' dresses. Thanks! !

  • By Karen
  • 2014-03-12

Awesome dress, well made, arrived on time, fitted and looks

Awesome dress, well made, arrived on time, fitted and looks great on my bride's maid (AND i could not have made it any cheaper!)

  • By Erato Tziamali
  • 2014-03-07

thank you for the product.

thank you for the product.

  • By Donna Padilla
  • 2014-02-11

The dress was beautiful; I ordered in watermelon. Many reviewers

The dress was beautiful; I ordered in watermelon. Many reviewers felt the dress too heavy but I thought it was fine. There was an issue though with the hemline being crooked on one side causing me to have to return it to be re-made. Customer service was very helpful. The only issue is that it will take a bit to get a refund on the first dress but since I ordered on-line that is to be expected as they have to receive the dress back first and ensure the issue I am returning it for does exist. Thank goodness I ordered in enough time to be able to receive the replacement dress prior to my event. I had the dress made to my measurements and it fit perfectly; the matching jacket, however, was not able to be made to measure - I guess those are already made in standard sizes. The arms are way too big. I will be taking it to a local place to alter the sleeves. Even with the cost of the alterations, I believe the dress is a good value. I shopped and shopped and could not find a dress that I felt was appropriate for me at my age (55); although I am petite all the dresses I found elsewhere looked to be for someone much, much younger. This dress is elegant and is perfect for a more mature person needing a dress for a formal event. For a younger person, too; the dress is perfect - I plan on giving the dress to my granddaughter later to use at one of her proms! Most likely she won't wear the jacket.

  • By Robbie
  • 2014-01-13

fits wonderful!

The best dress I have ever purchased! Everything is so amazing about it!!! Have got blue and red and keeping both!!! So many complements and they are very slimming too! Very happy!...

  • By CasieMeyers
  • 2013-11-24

This is great. Order was delivered before scheduled day to

This is great. Order was delivered before scheduled day to ship. I will definitely make more purchases. Thank you.

  • By Daniel Holland
  • 2013-11-19

A reputable company

Great dress, really well made, cant wait to wear it. I Love it and I wouldhave recommend to my friends.

  • By Mcarthur
  • 2013-11-06

Wonderful dress. Great quality, great service.

My dress is amazing i had to take it and get it sized just a little bit and the lady said she has never seen a dress like this she loved it and so do i. I was very scared to order of the internet but the results where great!!! thank you very much.

  • By Bundy
  • 2013-10-21

What company makes this dress

The quality of this product is really good, heavy material and the design was just what I expected. I was really happy with the product. I think the range of the designs and styles on the site looked very good and would recommend coming to this site for anythong looking for occasion wear.

  • By Tracy
  • 2013-10-21

Really loved this dress, fitted perfect. Can't want to use

Really loved this dress, fitted perfect. Can't want to use it:D

  • By Virgie
  • 2013-10-17

Style and Color, Best!

im so excited right now i had tried it already it looks exactly like the picture. and the sizes are all good. i would really like to thank you guys. i will tell all my friends about you. surely they will buy dresses from you too im very sure!

  • By Reyes
  • 2013-10-14


thank you very much for the quick shipping and the beautiful gown. it is wonderful!

  • By Qenor
  • 2013-10-10

wanted to know if the dress comes in petite size

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. It fit perfect everywhere except of course for the length. The lady said the dress style looked real good on me. I would recommend as a website to order from. The wedding is nine days away. I truly appreciate everything you did for me.

  • By Turner
  • 2013-10-10

It is the most beautiful dress i ever seen

Very cute dress, for the price and color selection it is a very good value for a comfy summer dress. Oh my goodness, but I do love this dress!

  • By Tiara
  • 2013-09-24

is this dress available in the store?

This is a beautiful dress and I recieved many complements when I have worn it. It's well worth every cent I spent on it. It did not require any altering and fit perfectly as I used the custom made order....

  • By Thorndike
  • 2013-09-17

Can I return it and just get a different color

I am in total love with this dress! I got a size small and let me just say it hugs your body in all the right ways!

  • By Hartwell
  • 2013-09-12

No complaints here for sure!

I look forward to ordering from you again very soon Even though the dress did not fit, customer service did their level best to make sure that I was happy with the final outcome of my order. I look forward to ordering from you again very soon as we are going on a cruise and I need two formal dresses. I would highly recommend this site for all your cocktail dress needs.

  • By Ibtissam
  • 2013-09-11

Great dress for an amazing dress

My favorite dress I purchased this dress in white for the party ofnext month. The shipping was super fast, the dress was very beautiful.

  • By Annita
  • 2013-09-07

So much nicer than the picture

I received the package very quickly indeed, and in excellent condition. I'd strongly recommend this shop to anyone!

  • By Luminary
  • 2013-09-05

Great buy

LOVE this dress! I purchased this dress for my bridesmaids. I could not believe how beautiful they are. The price and the quality is amazing. I have recommended this website to friends.

  • By Edithen
  • 2013-08-15

Happy purchase

Being happy with this purchase! I am normally a size 8-9 and the new dress fits perfectly on my body. I love the color and exactly as it shows on the website.

  • By Barbara
  • 2013-08-14

Ciao, io avevo già ordinato in passato tre abiti per

Ciao, io avevo già ordinato in passato tre abiti per le mie damigelle.

  • By Lintner
  • 2013-07-26

Love the dress very much

The quality of the material is great! Wonderful dress for tall and slender people. It is conservative but shows off a little bust and thigh/leg. When the wind blows it's even more gorgeous! It also does a great job of hiding stomach fat!

  • By norfolk07
  • 2013-07-23

Really lovely dress, a really good fit to the size

Really lovely dress, a really good fit to the size give on net

  • By Labrador
  • 2013-07-20

The finish is excellent quality

It is a very beautiful dress The picture does not do this dress justice. It is a very beautiful dress!!!

  • By Karen
  • 2013-07-13

It states that this dress comes with a wrap, is

It states that this dress comes with a wrap, is this what is pictured? what looks like a jacket with sash?

  • By Lucas
  • 2013-07-09

the quality is really good.

Beautiful dress Beautiful dress and everything that I hoped for. The color was true to the swatch shown and I could not be more than pleased with the workmanship. I could not be happier with the quality and it is a wonderful product.

  • By Louetta
  • 2013-06-16

Is it possible to put a slit in the dress?

I Love my dress! Apprehensive at first but the dress was a steal and fit perfectly.

  • By Margarito
  • 2013-06-12

Very satisfied!

Love the dress's chic and feminine designsI have received my dress, which is in delicate color. The fabric is a bit thin but it still looked great. What is important is that the price is reasonable. I love the dress's chic and feminine designs- I can wear it anywhere, even if I 'm just going out for a coffee with friends.

  • By Adelina
  • 2013-06-02

Absolutely amazing dress

A great dress for a wonderful price. True to the size, the dress is comfortable. I wore the dress to a dinner party and received so many compliments. I have to agree about the dress making you look and feel slender and stylish. A great dress for a wonderful price.

  • By Kimbrough
  • 2013-06-02

The dress is wonderful.

impressed I showed the dress to my co-workers when it arrived and they were all equally impressed. Beautiful dress & Special design.

  • By Natisha
  • 2013-05-14

Arrived in time,love the dress

Perfect! Perfect! I never get such gorgeous dress from online store. The material is really in high quality. And it is very pleasant online shopping experience.

  • By Joanne Hegarty
  • 2013-05-09

The dresses are a beautiful colour and the way they

The dresses are a beautiful colour and the way they are made is amazing!

  • By Tien
  • 2013-05-06

Is this dress avaliable in the orange color

This is a beautiful dress and it fits perfectly. I love this dress and if you are trying to decide whether to order it or not, go for it! You'll be pleased with what you did!...

  • By Lorna
  • 2013-05-02

Amazing dress, well tailored, high quality fabric.

Amazing dress, well tailored, high quality fabric.

  • By Doyal
  • 2013-04-23

I'm very pleased with the dresses

I bought this dress a few weeks back. I have never bought dress online. Therefore, I was really worried about its color, size, material... however the dress is perfect!

  • By Prendy
  • 2013-04-02

Exactly the same as in the picture

My dress arrived, after just 14 days from placing the order. It is so stunning- I have already started recommending you to my friends.

  • By Stacy
  • 2013-03-26

Very well finished

Received my dress today and it is great, better than the picture. I was unsure about buying my dress online but I 'm glad I did as the workmanship is brilliant - there is no way I could get a dress like this in Australia for the price I paid. Thank you!!

  • By Curt
  • 2013-03-13

I Got The Tracking Number So I'll Be Out Of You All Hairs Thank You !

Goods are not so bad, but delivery was not timely, which I can also accept.

  • 2013-03-08

Having looked for months in the UK for a suitable

Having looked for months in the UK for a suitable dress for a wedding I found this website and sent my measurements etc and within a very short time I had this gorgeous creation.

  • By Derica
  • 2013-02-22

i would def recommend this dress to anyone

Great item I thought this item was great. The colors matched perfect to the colors I wanted. Loved the way the dress feels- everything was fantastic.

  • By Corinne Belly
  • 2013-02-21

absolutely beautiful and the details make the dress

My niece was looking for a prom dress, and everything was outragously over priced. My wife started net browsing and found your link. My niece loved the style and many colors to choose from. We took measurements, found the size and ordered. The dress came on the date it was promised, then we had a seamstress hem it. She was lovely and I would recommend this company highly!! The color was true to picture and the quality superb!! Thank you!!

  • By Luella
  • 2013-01-10

Really pretty and well made

happy hen I receive it, I was happy to find it fit me well. This one doesn't have any elastic or sticky trim to keep it up.